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Miska, Spencer Sinon

Social Science
Latin Honors:
Summa Cum Laude
Sent Tribute to:
Susan Mikula and James Pelech
Tribute Text:
I want to thank the both of you for your amazing work over these past 3 years. Especially during COVID, it has only gone to show how amazing and dedicated you are to your academic and professional careers. I have learned so much skills and knowledge from both of you during this time period and I will forever treasure these experiences. You have both worked tirelessly to ensure everything was on track for me and I am forever appreciative of your work. I will always look back positively on the many long conversations we had throughout my time and BenU and I will remember these experiences. Please continue to work towards your passion and never stop being the positive force for your students! Please send my thanks to the entire departments that I know you work extremely well with to make all of this a success. Thank you!