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Alvarado-Romero, Harvey O

Finance, Marketing
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Isobel Lobo
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Dear Dr. Lobo, I am honored to have had the privilege of being one of your students during my time at Benedictine University. Your class was more than just an ECON class, it taught me a very valuable life lesson that I will carry forever. I learned in your class how to pick myself up from a situation and work hard to make it better. I saw many classmates around me drop the class but I was determined to push forward and work harder. With your help I proved that I was capable of putting in hard work and turning around a situation. Going to your office hours and seeing you put in effort in helping me achieve these goals made a huge difference. I not only learned about C + I + G + (X-M) but I also learned to keep pushing towards a goal. Even if it seems hard and others around you give up. I thank you for this life lesson I will never forget. -Harvey Alvarado-Romero